Top 3 Hotels to Stay When in Columbia

Are you searching for an interesting and exciting place to visit on your vacation? Consider Columbia. Do you know that idyllic small town that you sometimes see in feel-good movies? The small town with a close community and pretty downtown. Columbia has an attraction that includes small-town atmospheres, grand vistas, fine dining, local wineries, and tasting rooms, quaint accommodations, fruit orchards, and a micro brewpub. The following are the top 3 hotels to stay when in Columbia.

1. Holiday Inn Express (HIE)

This is a division of the Intercontinental Hotels Group which was launched recently in Columbia. Internet was available throughout the hotel. The entire staff was courteous, genial, and affable. The hotel is 24- hour equipped. It’s well equipped with health and fitness center. It also has a tennis and squash courts. You will have luxurious resort restaurants and bars. The hotel is also equipped with luxurious suites with advanced gadgets.

2. Microtel Hotels

Microtel Hotel is among the top hotels to stay in a while in Colombia. It has special qualities and amenities which it provides to its customers. Its surrounded by vineyard, white cliffs, and orchard. It has a golf course that is located very near to the location of the hotel. It built with beauty and special spa treatments. It offers conference and meeting facilitation services.

3. Colombia Beach Resorts

This hotel is also among the top for its unique services to its customers. We can witness many special qualities that this hotel provides to its customers. Some of them are:- 

  • Surrounded by white cliffs, vineyard, and orchard
  • Conference and meeting facility
  • Golf courses are located very near to the location of the hotel
  • Beautiful view of sea beaches
  • Private beach equipped with water sports
  • Beauty and special spa treatments

This is the list of hotels that can give you the most amazing holidaying experiences read it if you want to go to Colombia – learn more about best tours in colombia.